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How To Become Inspired And Live Your Best Life

I believe that you are the new celebrity in the world today. You are the person with a life story to tell, life lessons to teach and a message to really share with humanity.

I want to share with you today a story about how to become inspired, and how it happened in my life.

A few years ago, I was watching a speaker on stage. In fact, this guy was a performer. Bo Eason. And I saw him give this performance, a performance I had never seen before. It was a one-man show – one guy on stage, playing several characters over the course of 90 minutes or so.

I watched Bo give this talk, and I happened to be a business seminar where it was part of the content.

It was one of those moments in life where I felt like I found myself again.

I felt like just seeing this guy up there ignited something in me, and I knew – I’m going to do THAT.

I’ve been in a place in my life before where I think I will do something just because it will fulfill the expectations that society has of me, to become an amazing entrepreneur, or maybe to fulfill the expectations I have of myself to become an extraordinary business person.

I’ve been on a journey in my life and built a multi-million dollar company and there have been a handful of things that have really lit me up in the world – they keep growing by the day.

So I saw the show and knew I wanted to have my own show, and I went out and hired a story coach. I started meeting with him once a week and creating my own one man show.

There were moments where I would go and see my coach and as I pull up into his driveway, every muscle starts twitching because I’m petrified to get up there and perform in front of even just one person.

Get me up on stage as a speaker – that’s what I do, I’ve been training to do it for years – but as a performer who has to express myself let alone play characters?

I was frightened to death to do it.

I just went week after week after week, and it was something that inspired me.

I felt like my creativity was being born, and that there was a part of me I had been suppressing for years that was being born. It started to light me up.

I realised there was this whole other world out there for me.

I started to ask myself, how can I be inspired like this all the time?

I had moments like that when I was a kid, when I knew I wanted to be a performer, but I didn’t follow my guidance on that.
I knew I had something more inside me, some more creative expression.

All I really wanted was to express myself, and unfortunately because I couldn’t it led to me overdosing on drugs and alcohol and almost dying.

We set the date for the show, and my first show was coming up and I hadn’t even performed a character yet – like, I’d never acted before in my life.

I worked out the story with my coach for months, and this went on for 5 months – every week, we’d be creating this 90 minute story. And suddenly he gets this emergency phone call, and he has to take it. Hi picks up the phone and while he’s on the call, I’m just like, I’m gonna try a character.

And I’m standing on the pavement beside the pool at his house and I walk over to the shed next to the pool so nobody can see me, cause I’m embarrassed – I never acted or expressed in this way before – and all of a sudden, I find this character.

It’s like this character comes through me and I start expressing myself and I am playing this character – someone I met a long time ago in my life – and it was extraordinary. I knew I could do this.

I started finding characters, and I taught myself – out of the inspiration, to find characters – and now, today, I play 15 characters over the course of 90 minutes and I am self-taught.

So now I want to look and watch what other people are doing, because I believe in life that if you just look you can figure out anything.

So I’m just looking, I’m paying attention and I’m following the path, and I realise that because I am following the path not because I am expected to do but because I want to do it, and what inspires my heart and what I know in my knowing is right for me – I’m living an inspired life.

I used to think that maybe you’re only meant to do one thing.

Like if I became a speaker, my life would change. I had this story, if I could make 6 figures my life would change, and it almost killed me (not the 6 figures, the fact I couldn’t express myself so I turned to drugs and alcohol).

I wanted to make partner in my career and I became the number 5 partner out of 500 partners for New York Life and I wasn’t happy.

Then I because an entrepreneur and my house foreclosed and I watched my car and motorcycle get towed out of my driveway…I couldn’t pay $100 a month even, I lost all my material possessions.

I thought these were things that would make me inspired, but the truth is I got less and less inspired.

I believe that creativity feds the soul and I believe when we can breathe our creativity into the world, the world can be inspired.

My inspired life is about finding more and more creative aspects of myself.
And so today, I can find creativity in anything, I can find life in anything. I look at something and go, do I want to do this?

And I have lots of things I like to do now. I picked up golf a year and a half ago because I wanted a better relationship with my dad, I got off the plane and said let’s go play golf. Now every few months I go to play golf with my dad.

I built a software company that’s launching in 30 days because I saw it and I was like, that’d be fun to be creative and go create that, and I did it.

So I have so many things in life that I am passionate about and my life is inspired now.

So how do you become inspired?

Look. Look for things that inspire you and go after it. I know it’s worked for me in my life.

Could you can live an inspired life by allowing your message to be heard in the world and create transformation in peoples lives?



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