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How To Be Fully Aligned With Your Destiny

I’ve spent a lot of my life on this journey for approval and acceptance. I thought that the road to what I wanted was by achieving more money and more power, and by seeking out things that would ultimately make me feel more successful.

I wasn’t playing a win/win game.

It was costing other people and it was costing me. Not only were the people I was dealing with not winning at the highest degree that they could, I wasn’t winning either.

While I was striving and striving to win, to gain power, to create fame, I didn’t know it was costing me at such a deep level.

I had an insight today while I was doing some processing and shifting, that I always had a story of when my business gets to a certain point, then I can go full force with my theatre show and my performance career; or when my business gets to a certain point, I can go fully into the acting world; or when my business gets to a certain point I can go and have relationships with all these celebrities.

I got the insight today that life for me has been so much about winning the game and winning the business and success in business, making the money and impacting lots of clients and how many clients could we get and how big could we get our message out there and how many people could we get on our email list…

but I came to this deep realization that my main mission in life is the beauty and expression of art.

And for me, it’s helping people bring their art out into the world. Even when I look at my business today, it’s helping coaches, speakers and celebrities find their life message and share it with the world, and that’s an art form, an expression.

That’s valued, that’s needed in the world.

So I realized my mission is not just to help coaches and speakers build a business, my mission is to help people get their art form and their expression out into the world. To get their truth out to the world.

This is my truth.

I realized then that I was stopping myself in my business because I didn’t fully believe that I could bring my performer out into the world, that I could bring my art out into the world.

As I’ve gone through this shifting and processing and starting to get rid of things I thought were true and are really false, I’ve started to come into this aligned purpose, my real purpose on this earth.

All these windows and doors are starting to open up where I’m getting introduced to all kinds of celebrities in the world now because I can serve them because I want to serve artists.

So there’s the new celebrity in the world who is the coach and speaker and business owner who has a story and a message, and then there’s the celebrity who’s already doing that, but they don’t know how to get the message out on a larger scale.

And so now all these relationships are opening up and coming to me and part of my exchange to help these relationships and help them get their art out to the world is for them to help me get my art out into the world more and help me get new communication lines so I can go big time in the performance space.

I’ve never been more committed, more expressed, more fully aligned with this mission and I hope that maybe the lesson today is for you to look at your life and ask: am I fully living my truth:

Examine that and.

I was 90% of the way there, but I wasn’t in 100% of my truth. And so these shifts have been taking place over the last couple of years and have gotten me to this place where I feel now 100% aligned with the thing I’m destined to do and it’s such a beautiful feeling.

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