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The Right People | Superstar Speakers | How to Make Six Figures at Your Next Seminar

1. 14 Must-Have Online Presentation Tools So You Can Own The Stage

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
The secret to winning your presentation is to own it, and using online presentation tools is one of the best ways to do it. Here are 14 creation tools on the web that boost your engagement with your audience… Click to read more

2. Best Organization Apps Perfect For Your Coaching Program

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
Hi, Ted here, and today I’m going to tell you one of the secrets that help me run a truly lifestyle-friendly business: my best organization apps. Building a multi-million-dollar empire wasn’t easy. It was incredibly exhausting for me, especially in the beginning. I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Over time, I realized I couldn’t do it alone. I needed an awesome team and great tools that can help me organize and increase my productivity. That’s when I started to use these apps… Click to read more

3. Superstar Speakers | How To Make Six Figures At Your Next Seminar

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
Today, I’ll share with you how to make six figures at your next seminar by doing three important things. A lot of my clients go on to earn six figures in their businesses after working with me. You might be wondering, how did they do that? Click to read more

4. The Most Embarrassing Moment In My Life That Almost Made Me Give Up My Dream

Don’t Miss These Posts On Ted McGrath...
Have you ever had your most embarrassing moment? We all go through life and experience our own awkward moment and most of the time, it’s not only once. When you’ve been embarrassed, it can be a struggle to move forward from the incident… Click to read more


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