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5 Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Customers

Want to boost your presentation skills and attract more customers with your online presentations?

There’s a new kind of presenter in the world today and it’s you.

It’s not the internet marketer that is the most successful online, it’s the person with the most powerful message.

I recently did an online launch that broke records in my business.

I decided I would break down the 5 presentation secrets that created this record breaking result and show you how you can implement these presentation skills in any online presentation.

Most people believe they need to use scripts to succeed online and I believe…

the EXACT opposite.

Not only do I rock presentations online, but I also am a theater performer and a seminar leader, so I know something about creating authentic presentations that draw your customer to working with you.

Right now I’m going to share 5 presentation secrets along with The Ultimate Online Presentation Swipe File that shows you exactly how to develop presentation skills that allow you to create powerful webinars, teleseminars, and video over and over again!

Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Customers

Why are they secrets?

Because most people aren’t aware of them.

Presentation Secret # 1 is story.

I’m always baffled when people work so hard on the “CLOSE” in a presentation. They script it, they spend hours on it, months, years, etc. When the “Close” is nothing more than a story.

Your online presentation is nothing more than a story.

Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Customers

I mean, how boring is it to create a script, but how much fun would it be to create a story that actually inspires your customers to sign up.

I actually have 6 stories I use that help me become one of the highest paid consultants in the industry. I use these stories when I sell online and when I sell from the stage. I use them in my low end offers, my webinar offers, my high end offers, and my stage offers.

I use these stories everywhere.

Here’s the first secret about story. In my opinion and research, personal story is the # 1 reason why clients buy.

Think about the last person you bought something from, did you look for what they could do for you or did you first tune in to see if you could trust them?

TRUST! You get your spidey senses going and you feel into whether or not they are trust worthy. You justify it with their skill set, but if you don’t feel good about them, then you don’t buy.

Or if you do buy you regret it later.

So your story must be vulnerable and it must be real.

Now, you might be thinking, C’mon Ted, do people even care about my story, and the truth is, they don’t care about your story, they care about THEIR LIFE.

The best way to get someone to imagine a better future is to tell them a story, and when they are listening to a great story, they go into a trance and they actually believe for that moment that they are the character in the story.

So let me break this down as it related to a presentation.

You story must have key components that highlight your products outcome in an indirect way.

“So I’m six years old and my dad tells me he and my mom are getting a divorce” (instantly this intro in the story creates compassion for the character and connection)

The intro is called the Call.

Next, is the PIT of the story.

“I’m sitting on my couch with my hands in my face, $2,000 in my bank account, and my house in foreclosure, wondering what am I going to do with my life.”

The Pit of the story brings the client into their PIT moment and allows them to feel the pain of not changing, and the emotion they need to crawl out of their Pit and say yes to your offer.

I can go on and on about story, but do you see how sharing about your life creates real emotion for your customers and allows them to connect with you and connect with their own emotions.

Most people give a chain of events when they tell stories…..
So I went to college, and then I got a career, and then I made $1,000,000 and I was unhappy, so I started my own business. BORING!

In my theater show I play 15 characters from my life story and the key is speaking in the present tense and being present. When you are present your client will be present, whether it’s online or in person.

So in your next video, tell your story and do it in 60 seconds. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out story. You can be present to the emotion of the story, and drop into one of the moments (scenes) and tell it from the present tense.

I’m sitting on my couch with my face in my hands, wondering what am I going to do with my life…

I use that line in my story because my customers have a message they want to share with the world and before they meet me, many of them are wondering what they are going to do with their life.

And I know that the person who learns how to master presentations through the power of story and the other secrets I’m about to share, can write their ticket to millions and an amazing career.

Don’t get lost in the scripts. Think about what you want to say and talk to people.

Presentation Secret # 2

Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Customers

CTA = Call To Action.

If you just told stories in your presentations (using the six stories that I teach) and gave your clients multiple Calls To Action, you would be 80% of the way there to rocking your presentations online. Developing awesome presentation skills is that simple!

How many CTAs? Multiple, that means more than 1.

I use anywhere from 3 – 10 CTAs in my presentations.


In my videos that sell low end offers, I use 3 CTAs. One of my low end offers is converting at 14% from cold traffic. That’s really, really good.

My upsell offer is converting at 33% right now.


I give 3 CTAs.

Here’s what I know from making High End Offers that are six figures and above and low end offers that are less than $100.

When you make the first CTA, your client turns around, and looks for the person behind them.

Really, they don’t even think you are talking to them.

It’s crazy, but many people feel unworthy to buy your products, like they are the stranger in the room that doesn’t belong.

You sit there wondering why your conversions are low and your client doesn’t even know if you are talking to them. CRAZY!!!!

So how do I get them into character and out of their head so they take on the identity that I am actually talking to them? I tell them a STORY!

Holy cow, now there’s an idea. Didn’t I just share that with you in Presentation secret # 1. Tell them a story.

I have this awesome regret story I use in my seminar room that I also use in my webinars and tele seminars and videos.

I talk about my grandmother’s funeral and how I got selected to speak at her funeral and give the send off speech.

“I’m six years old sitting across the table watching my grandfather sip on a dirty martini, and my 5 foot tall grandma Betty leans over with her pink lipstick, kisses my grandfather on the cheek and says, ‘It’s a GOOD LIFE, isn’t it Edward.”

“I never forgot that about my grandmother, and I’m asking you when you walk out these doors today, to live every day with no regrets because it’s a good life.”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room after I told that story.

When I tell this story in my presentations, guess what I do after that story?

I give a CTA, call to action.

Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Customers

One of the best times to give a CTA is after a story. Why, because your clients are emotional and they just got the indirect message from your story, and they are identifying with the character now, and when they take on a new identity instead of the identity of the “dingbat,” that doesn’t think you are talking to them, they actually take action!

Holy cow, what a concept?

But typically what you see from people is them telling you about the product and one CTA and then they wonder why their results suffer.

One of my other CTAs that I teach my clients is — to speak to the voice in your clients head. Point out that little voice in their head, and let them look that little voice in the eye.

The only way people make decisions is if they are willing to confront THINGS. If they aren’t willing to confront their little voice, then they won’t say yes.

One of my CTAs is to their little voice.

“If the little voice is in your head talking you out of this, then let me be the bigger voice that stand for your vision, your passion, and your transformation right now. It’s time for you to step up and stand out today!”

Presentation Secret # 3

Highlight the Problem and The Opportunity

Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Customers

…..also know as a brand story. I know, I know, I know….you might be going, ‘Ted, what the heck is a brand story.’

(IMPORTANT: Highlight the problem and the opportunity right in the beginning of your presentation.)

It’s the problem and the opportunity on steroids. But not real steroids, transcended steroids, elevated steroids, like take me to the freaking gym for my presentation steroids.

There’s a favorite movie of mine called the hurricane with Denzel Washington, where his is in prison and he’s talking to this boy Lazarus, who is trying to get him out of jail..

And he says, “it is very important that we transcend Lazarus. Just like Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, they transcended beyond the walls of this prison, beyond the shackles of humanity.”

Now, I say to YOU…..

It is very important that you transcend in your presentations. In my 7 figure Message To Millions, launch I created what I call a brand story. It was a story that highlighted the problems and opportunities of my customers.

I started off the video with this, “There’s a new celebrity in the world today and it’s you. You have a life story to tell, you have life lessons to teach and you have a message to share with the world. And You Can build a celebrity brand, attract high quality clients, and earn multiple streams of income.”

“The new celebrity is the coach that wants to change a life, the speaker that wants to share their voice with humanity, the internet marketer that wants to make a real difference…etc”.

That intro is what I call a brand story. Notice how I created a new identity for coaches, speakers, internet marketers etc.

People transcended to a new level of respect for themselves and a new realization that their life story is the key to them getting a powerful message out to the world.


…..and if you don’t have a product that connects to your life story, dig deeper because I guarantee I could find it for you if I was coaching you.

The brand story talks about the problem and the opportunity. The opportunity in my videos was all about sharing your life story and life lessons and getting paid for it.

I transcended the typical marketing around messaging and I got right to the core of the message by getting them to look at their life story and my clients enrolled by the droves to this product because they wanted to share themselves with the world…

They wanted self expression!

Do you think people connected with my brand? YES!

But WHY?

Because they connected with themselves. They connected with the fact that they weren’t standing for their message and the transformation of their clients.

How do you create a brand story?

You identify the problem, you identify the opportunity and you create a NEW story about what’s possible that creates a new identify for the customer. And then they identify with the brand because they identify with themselves.

Presentation Secret # 4

Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Customers

Time doesn’t matter.

You constantly hear about shortening your videos and presentations online, but here’s what I have tested in my presentations.

As long as I’m giving multiple CTAs throughout the presentation, then time doesn’t matter.

If I’m engaging and I’m connecting and I’m captivating my customer, then they lose time, they don’t know the difference between 1 or 2 minutes.

However, if you’re worried about them staying engaged then make an early CTA.

Now there is a fine line between making it too early versus making it at the right time.

In my low tier offers I make a CTA early on for the fast action takers….

AND because I always make several CTAs, I don’t have to worry about my conversions going down, if I go for 10 minutes on an offer where other people tell me to only go for two minutes.

The fast action takers will act on the first CTA. The people who need more info might need to wait to the 2nd or 3rd CTA.

What does it matter? As long as I made the offer early on, then I can go for 20 minutes if I want. The longer I go the more likely I am to get the people who are on the fence.

So I keep going until I get them off the fence.

Again, this is based on my own personal experience and my style but I found that the conversions on my videos for my low tier offers went from 2.5% using a text page offer, to 5% using a Video sales letter, to 13.94% using my iPhone.

The longer video on my iPhone did the best.

Oh yeah, thats another thing. I just pick up my iPhone and talk to people when I make my low tier offers. No camera crew, no editing, just good old fashioned me, my iPhone and some epic presentation skills.

And I just speak because I know my brand story (problem/opportunity), I know my offer, and I know that I keep making CTAs.

For my message to millions launch, I did a live cast presentation of 8 hours straight and I had over 100 people buy my mid tier product. We crushed it and I went for 8 hours. I made CTA’s in the first hour and every hour throughout.

When people watched my 20 minute video to book a strategy session with one of my coaches to be considered for my new celebrity high end immersion training, I brought in 20 high end customers and broke a new record for me.

Normally a video like this could be 3-4 minutes and mine was 20 minutes.

So length isn’t the issue. An engaging presentation with multiple CTAs is the issue for most people.

Presentation Secret # 5

Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Clients

Case Stories Sell

Finally, Case Stories Sell. You can tell that I’m HUGE on story. Nothing has grown my personal brand bigger than the power of story.

When you share client testimonials, the power in their testimonial is the emotion, so you want to help them create their testimonials like the director on a movie set would.

Interview your clients, pretend your the director and ask them questions that get to the core emotion.

Let me give you a hint. Don’t focus ONLY on their results, focus on who they have become.

Ask this question.. “Who have you become along this journey?” “What does it mean to you to become the person that your children and your parents are so proud of?”

These questions get to the core of human emotion and emotion is what inspires people to buy.

So if you want to inspire more customers to say yes, then let your clients inspire them with their stories.

If you aren’t able to get a video of your clients, then tell a great story about one of them in your presentation.

If you think about your presentations as a story that you are creating and that you are the director, it’s fun and easy to create presentations.

But who needs to direct the presentation. YOU! Not some script.

If you implement the presentation secrets for your videos, teleseminars, and webinars online and use The Ultimate Online Presentations Swipe File then you will become a master at presentations that convert and attract awesome customers.

Mastering presentation skills and becoming an amazing presenter isn’t a destination. It’s a journey that you can be proud of when you trust yourself rather than a script.

You can do this thing, rock it!

Online Presentation Secrets to Get More Customers

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