I think we would all agree that you have to have strategy and tactics to sell anything.

However there is on thing that sells more powerfully above all things….


Here I am with the chief of the Masai Tribe in Kenya.

He is telling me a story…


It’s the story of how important it is to maintain the culture of their people.

This house that we are in was built by his wife.

They drink the blood and milk of the cows.

They also have many wives for each man in the tribe.

To get a wife they bring a dowry with cows,
So the family with the most cows is the wealthiest.

But the one story that got me was the story of educating their children so they can get jobs…

And then the children bring back the resources to help the tribe flourish.

When I heard about the education of a child, I immediately donated for the education of one of their 90 children.

I never went there intending to donate money but when I heard the story I was moved to help.

This chief isn’t a storyteller…

He isn’t a fund raiser…

He isn’t a sales person….

But he has an authentic purpose for his tribe.

And he shared an authentic story.

His authentic purpose and his authentic story is the true measure of attracting people to your cause.

How will you attract people to your cause and mission today?

You have a life story to tell and life lessons to teach…

Go tell it,