I want to talk to you about the five things that I wish somebody had told me when I was first starting out in business.

Lesson #1: Win-Win

When I was first starting in business (I was 21 years old in the life insurance business with a company called New York Life) While I was under New York Life’s umbrella it was still my business that I was building and growing.

I wish somebody had told me that business to be a win-win game. So much of my time was focused on going to get the client and the commission.

When you don’t play a win-win game, a win for you, a win for the client, a win for the company you’re with, or a win for the company you started, then what happens is you actually lose your power.

I wish somebody told me that when I first got started playing in business. For me, it was all about the goal and going after the goal. It’s really not all about that, it’s about a win-win for everybody involved. That’s number one that would’ve changed the game for me.

Lesson #2: One Passion Will Not Save Your Life

I wish that I knew that there wasn’t just one passion that was going to save my life and if I found this one passion or one purpose in life that everything would change.

I believe that for so many years, probably for 13, 14 years of my life, when I got into the coaching and speaking business I thought that speaking, if I became a speaker, my life would change and this one thing of being impassioned and speaking would change everything.

I don’t believe that there’s one thing or one passion. I’ve learned today that you can have multiple passions and the able person does many different things. It doesn’t mean that the able person is scattered in their life, it means that the able person can control many things, which means many passions.

Today, not only am I a coach, I do coaching, I’m a speaker, I lead seminars, I’m an online marketer, I run big launches online and have lots of sophisticated marketing funnels. I also have a theatrical live event and I’m a performer as well.

I have these things in my life that I’m passionate about and I also have a software company as well. I have the technology side that we’re building and I have the entertainment side, I’ve got the entrepreneurial side. I’ve got all these different passions because I enjoy the game.

Lesson #3: Finances

Although I grew up in the financial services business, I wanted a great understanding of finances as it relates to growing a business, and also finances as it relates to growing my life.

Now that I have an understanding of being financially smart and intelligent, I wish that I had poured more money into more vehicles when I was starting my business – vehicles for my dream fund, vehicles for my relationship fund, with my beautiful sweetheart, vehicles for my wealth fund, vehicles for my business fund, all these different vehicles of areas of my life that I wanted to grow that require money.

Lesson #4: Enrolling Clients

I wish I understood that sales and the ability to enroll people is really a huge part of a business.

One thing in particular that I wish I’d learned faster was how to say no to other people faster. Today, I’m getting much better at it, when somebody has a request of me and it’s not aligned with what I want, I just go, “no” . There’s power in saying no to the things that you don’t want to do and yes to the things that you do want to do.

In enrollment, whether you’re enrolling somebody or you’re being enrolled, ¬†you have to have that ability to: inspire other people to say yes and get them aligned with their yes. 2, when you’re being enrolled to say yes to the things you want to say yes to, and no to the things that you don’t. It’s not just a sales transaction thing, it’s like opportunities come along.

  • inspire other people to say yes and get them aligned with their yes
  • when you’re being enrolled to say yes to the things you want to say yes to, and no to the things that you don’t

It’s not just a sales transaction thing, it’s like opportunities come along.

An opportunity is coming your way and essentially somebody’s bringing you this opportunity to try to enroll you in the opportunity, and it could be a new business, it could be anything. You got to learn how to say, no to the wrong things or no, not now, maybe later, and yes to the right things. I wish that I learned that earlier.

Lesson #5: Going Deeper

I’ve found many times in my life that I’ll change things a lot, and when you’re having success in an area what I’m learning now is the deeper I go into that area, the more exciting the game gets. I think too often it’s like you play something, I have some success then you switch the game.

I’m going deeper into certain areas to be more thorough and to see the little new details that create the shifts, and not changing major things but changing little minor things that help me go deeper, and deeper, deeper into one thing.

I’m learning this in my Facebook marketing that I’m doing with all my funnels online, it’s like if something is working let’s go deeper, deeper, deeper until we nail it and then we duplicate the model.

Those are the five things I would that have been super helpful for me and I wish I knew them earlier on, and I’m grateful now that I know them.

I hope this served you, if this served you, share this with somebody and make a comment down below. Love to hear from you and like the video as well, okay? Thanks so much.