In this step-by-step guide I’m going to share with you exactly what you need to do to run your very first successful and profitable live event within the next 120 days.

You’ll discover:

  • How to fill your event with high quality people (no email list needed!)
  • My 8-step system for creating a captivating presentation
  • How to create a compelling offer
  • My conversation script for telling people about and inviting them to your event


Are you ready to launch your successful live event business making six or seven figures with high end offers, high quality clients, and high impact from the stage?

The key is to take fast action…most people are waiting for an opportunity to arise or someone to hand it to them, but you have to make it happen. Start today!

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This is your action plan:

  1. Set a date
  2. Pick your topic
  3. Choose your profitable live event model
  4. Spread the word
  5. Build your presentation and content
  6. Create your offer


1.Set a date

You’ve got to get in the game right now – pick a date for your live event within the next 120 days. When you pick a date, it becomes real.


2. Pick your topic

Now you’ve got a date, you need to know what your live event or workshop topic will be. What are you going to speak about? And how will you know if it’s the right thing?

Start with what you know. 

There’s a speech inside you that inspires people. You have a message that matters.

Your best topic will come from your personal journey and experiences.

Ask yourself: what have you personally experienced and learned that could add value to other people? A great place to start with this can be to take a look at your life and identify your ‘Pit’ moment – your lowest point. Do you have a story of transformation to share with the world that could in turn create transformation for others?

Your audience wants to be empowered by you. They want to be educated by you. They want you to help them live a better life.

They need you to stand up as a leader, to show up and serve them.

You might be 6 months away from mastering your topic, but you won’t master it by staying at home. You’ll master it by living, by experiencing and solving your own problems and teaching other people.




3. Choose your profitable live event model

Knowing how to make money from your live events is key. If you don’t make money, you won’t be able to invest in growing your business and you won’t be able to serve anyone with your message and knowledge.

Here are 3 proven models for profitable live events:

Small workshop

This is a really good model for your first live event.

Aim for 10-12 high quality people in your first event.

The format could be a 2 day workshop with an offer at the end. Typically 20% of your audience will sign up to your offer (if they’re high quality people and if you use my presentation format below).

If 2 clients sign up and pay you $1000 a month each for a 12 month program, you’d make $24,000 simply from getting 10 people in your room and sharing your gift.


Create an experience and transformation within a community of people in a destination location (which could be anywhere – down the road from you or in another country).

If you have 12 – 14 people attending at $1,000 a head, the income from attendees alone will cover your expenses with money left over.

If you make an offer at the end of your retreat for a $25,000 12-month high end coaching package and 20% of your group signs up, you could make $75,000 in a weekend.


Seminars are for larger groups, 100+ people in a room.

Let’s say you charge $497 for your seminar and you get 100 people in the room. You make $50,000 before you show up (you’ve covered your expenses with money left over).

If just 10% of the people join your higher end coaching program and pay you $10k each, you’d make $100k from that weekend.

Want my free guide to hosting your own profitable live events? Get it here. 


4. Spread the word


Now you know how to make money with you live event, you need to get people in the room.

Begin by listing out your Top Twenty – this is a list of the top 20 people you know.

Next, you’re going to pick up the phone and call people!

I split my enrolment calls into 2 parts. On the first call, you’re just looking to connect, build rapport, establish a relationship and learn about what’s going on for that person right now.

On the second call, you can invite them to enrol to your event.

Here’s how your first call might go:

“Hey, it’s [your name]. We haven’t spoken in a while, and I wanted to catch up with you and see what’s happening.”

Have a natural conversation about what’s going on with them, and when they ask about you, let them know:

“You know, I’m really glad you asked because I have something really exciting that’s I’m working on right now.”

“Well, what is it?”

“Well, you know, I’ve always had this desire to share my gift and share what I’ve learned in my life and share my experiences with other people, and now I know what my gift is and what I’ve learned, I want to teach people how they can break through in their life and live their full potential. I think every person deserves to have that. So I’m actually gonna be holding a live event that I’m really excited about.”

Here, you pause and allow the person to ask more about your event. Remember, this call is not about inviting them to your event – you are finding out about them and what they want to you can enrol them in the vision you are creating.

“That’s really awesome, I’d love to learn more about it.”

“Great – well, I’m creating the content now and the date is [x]. I’d love to get back to you in the next couple of weeks or so when I have all the details and share a little bit more with you. How’s that sound?”

“Yeah, of course, it sounds great.”

“Awesome, so I’ll call you back in a couple of weeks and I’ll send you out an email with a little more detail on the agenda and stuff. But I really want to find out more about what’s going on with you, tell me, what’s new for you in the last 3,4 months or so?”

Use this conversation to get as much information as you can – the more you learn about their vision and their challenges, the more you learn about how you can serve them through your live event and your content.




5. Build your presentation and content

Your presentation needs to inspire your audience to take action on their own vision. Here’s my 8-step system for creating presentations that engage and inspire.


Step 1: Create A Compelling Headline

Capture attention from the beginning.

Tell your audience what you’re going to teach them and the outcomes they can experience:

I’m here to help you do x, so you can do/have/become y. 

Step 2: Tell Your Brand Story

What made you want to teach this topic? What’s your Big Idea? Tell people why they’re in your room.

Step 3: Highlight the Problem

Describe the trap most people find themselves in followed by how what you teach can enable your audience to experience their own transformations.

Step 4: Present the Solution

What’s the big opportunity people have if they take action on your content? Tell them who they will become and the results they will see in their lives.

Step 5: Tell Your Personal Story

This is where you get vulnerable and authentic. Don’t hold back – share your journey and experiences, from your lowest, darkest moment to where you are today.

Step 6: Case Studies

Your clients want to know that what you’re talking about can happen for them, despite their own doubts and fears. Sprinkle stories of your clients’s success throughout your presentation to inspire your audience (and if you don’t have any clients yet, go and help some people in exchange for testimonials).

Step 7: Give Great Content

Use your very best content to empower and inspire your audience. Let them know what it’s like to work with you – if they like it, they’ll want more from you.

Step 8: Make Your Offer

Let your audience know what opportunity they have to work with you, and call them to action multiple times.

Speak to their doubts and fears, and inspire them to take action on their own bigger futures.


6. Create your offer

To create an offer your audiences wants to say yes to, you need to find out what their vision for their lives is during your enrolment conversations.

People enrol in programs that enable them to step into the bigger future they want for themselves. If you don’t know what that bigger future is, or the challenges they face in getting there, you can’t offer them what they want.

The value of working with you is in who you help your clients to become. Your audience needs to know that you understand their vision and that you can help them step into it.

Your program is the vehicle for their transformation. What outcomes will they experience as a result of working with you? How will their lives change? And what is that worth to them?

A great way to make a high end offer is to make a simple offer for a mastermind. You can create a group that gets together three times a year. The community you create, full of high quality people committed to investing in themselves and their vision, will be half the value.


Ready to take action?

Now you have a roadmap to hosting your first successful and profitable live event, you need to begin taking action today. I recommend you download my free Ultimate Seminar Sales Map to help you as you go through the process of planning your live event – it’s the exact system I use and I teach my clients to use, and is a great next step for you to take.