Delivering a powerful presentation is not just about how good your content is or the structure of your presentation.

A great speaker communicates in an inspiring way to get somebody to take action.

It’s about your words landing with your audience, creating a connection with them and causing them to feel empowered to create transformation in their lives.

Speaking is standing for the transformation of people who are not ready to stand for themselves yet.

So how do you rock your presentations from the stage?

You master the 5 different versions of the superstar speaker. The superstar speaker owns all versions of their voice and is shares each of them in every presentation to inspire their audience to take action on their own bigger futures.

This is the first component of learning how to be a great speaker and deliver powerful presentations that make an impact.

If you master the art of these five different versions of speaker and master the presentation format, that’s the core foundation of your success as a great speaker.

The 5 versions of a superstar speaker are:

  1. The Inspired Speaker
  2. The Structured Speaker
  3. The Selling Speaker
  4. The Visionary Speaker
  5. The Coaching Speaker

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The Inspired Speaker

 You’re the Inspired Speaker when you’re coming from your best self, when you’re channelling your message.

It’s when you’re allowing inspiration to flow through you, and you share whatever it is you want to share in that moment to lift and inspire the audience and help them see a bigger vision of their future.

Inspiration is more important than structure. (The Structured Speaker also has a role to play in your presentations, but you will be more effective if you are inspired as you use structure.)

Even if your presentation contains plenty of linear material, your audience will be most responsive when it comes from a place of inspiration. Nobody wants to listen to a purely linear, super-structured talk.

When you are the Inspired Speaker, you don’t have to be structured or scripted – you just have to get the message across so your audience feels it.

Inspiration is what carries the seminar room.


That’s why I start my presentations with a Brand Story. I use the Structured Speaker later on in my presentations, but until the audience is INSPIRED, until they know the outcomes of what you’re teaching, until they are emotionally moved, they don’t care about your process.

Your audience cares first about whether you can inspire them to take action. And second, are you intelligent and credible enough for them to want to work with you.

The purpose of the Brand Story is to inspire people. It highlights the problem and the opportunity in one breath, and it’s not linear. I give the bullet points of the problem and the opportunity, and speak from a place of inspiration that moves people.

One of the best ways to get into an inspired place is to just start. Give yourself permission to jump in and do or say what you want.

Allow your message to flow through you.


The Structured Speaker

 There are two places you’ll use the Structured Speaker in your presentation; delivering your content, and during the sale.

Even if you’re not a naturally structured speaker, you will need some elements of structure in your talk to allow your audience to follow along with you.

The structure is there to give you guidance on what you want to teach and in what order, but you also have the freedom to allow your Inspired and Coaching speakers to come out.

The Inspired Speaker creates excitement, connection and inspiration. The Structured Speaker helps your audience understand exactly what they’re learning and the outcomes they can expect.

If you don’t already have one, I recommend creating your own signature 7-step Blueprint to deliver your content in a clearly defined framework.

There is also a specific formula to create a compelling and inspiring structure for the sale and offer you make in your presentations. (I go into detail about this structure in my post How To Sell From The Stage In Seven Steps.)


The Selling Speaker

 The key to being a successful speaker is inspiring people to take action by selling.

The Selling Speaker appears throughout your presentation, not just the part where you’re delivering the ‘sale’ or ‘offer’ of what your audience is going to buy.

A great speaker understands how to become so connected with their audience and the value of their offer that inviting people to enrol in their program is natural and powerful.

To be a great speaker, you need to learn exactly how to inspire your audience and how to deliver your offer in such a way that they are inspired to take action and create transformation by enrolling in your program.

Here’s the formula for making offers that inspire your ideal clients to say yes to you:

  1. Know who your ideal customer is and who they want to become
  2. Use direct and indirect seeding
  3. Inspire the vision of your audience
  4. Transition into your offer
  5. Detail your program content
  6. Talk about the ROI
  7. Make your offer

(I go into more detail about this structure and how to use it in your presentations in my post How To Sell From The Stage In Seven Steps.)

Ultimately, the Selling Speaker inspires people to take action on their vision and their dreams. If you want to be great at serving your audience in this, you need to be connected to the inspired speaker first.

Throughout the 7 step formula above, you’ll use each of the 5 versions of speaker laid out here. They all play into different dynamics and all have a role to play.

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The Visionary Speaker

The Visionary Speaker paints a vision for the audience that allows them to stretch their minds and expand their vision of what their own life could be.

This speaker needs to show up at different points in your seminar to inspire people to activate their vision because ultimately people say yes to a bigger vision, not the content or structure of the program you are offering.

The visionary speaker allows people to transcend their limiting beliefs and be inspired to take action on something they would not usually take action on.

This mean you have to be consistently painting a bigger vision for your audience throughout your presentation – from the Brand Story to the offer.

The Visionary Speaker and the Inspired Speaker help your audience feel free and empowered to transcend what they think is possible for them.

Show your audience what their big vision is that they want to take action on.

As your audience listens to your presentation, as they become inspired and learn great content, their thinking mind will take them to their own challenges and obstacles.

If you know your audience well enough, you can speak to them without ever hearing a word from them.

You address their specific problems and the challenges because your audience cannot believe the vision you paint for them until you remove their obstacles.

When you have addressed the obstacles, the Visionary Speaker invites the audience to think about the vision of what they really want to create in their lives.

Getting people invested in their own vision is where the game changes.

How do you get someone invested in their own vision? Tell them your own vision. Paint the future. People begin to see what is possible for them and to dream bigger in their lives.

A powerful vision is ultimately the most important piece of your presentation because that’s what carries someone into the future and out of their present reality.


The Coaching Speaker

A great speaker naturally uses the Coaching Speaker in their presentations to coach somebody in the audience on where they’re stuck.

This can create perhaps the biggest transformation for your audience, because when you coach somebody and find out what their biggest challenge is and help them work through it, the insights people can have watching it can be transformational.

The Coaching Speaker can use a single person to give the entire audience insights and help them make shifts.

The Coaching Speaker demonstrates your abilities to solve problems for people and shows your audience what it’s like to work with you.

When will you know the time to use the Coaching Speaker? You can’t structure this into your presentation at a pre-determined point; your Inspired Speaker will tell you when it’s time.


These 5 versions of speaker are the key to the art of how to be a great speaker.

They all play into different dynamics, and each of them plays a role in helping your audience buy into their own visions.

You’ll use each of the 5 versions, but the inspired speaker is like the captain of the ship – it’s running the show at all times. When in doubt, go back to your inspired speaker.

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