Do you associate persuasion as a negative term when enrolling clients or in sales?

I have never liked this word and that’s exactly why I am going to redefine it for you.

I’m going to teach you 5 persuasion techniques that will triple the number of clients you actually enroll.

Persuasion Technique # 1 : Imagination and Vision

We have an incredible ability to use our imagination and create the future with our vision but because of loss, defeat, and pain, many people have succumbed to mediocrity in their lives and in their business.

If I believed I could create the future with my imagination and my action then why would I ever hesitate to enroll a client?

Here’s the key…your imagination isn’t enough. It requires the imagination of the client to be activated so that you and the client can co-create the future.

I’ve learned through my encounters in coaching brand new coaches, multi-million dollar business owners and celebrities, that most people lack vision and they lack faith.  I believe that faith is partially dependent on one knowing that they can create their own future.  If I knew with absolute certainty that I can create my own future through the power of imagination, then I wouldn’t have to rely on BLIND faith.  I would just know that I CAN DO IT, and I would step powerfully into action.

This is how I live my life…. and this is how I try to persuade clients.  However, I’m still shocked at how many people have money blocks.

But is it really money blocks that we are dealing with in enrollment or is it an IMAGINATION block?  Someone’s inability to create the future?

This is why you must help your clients access their imagination and see the future.

A good question to use in a networking meeting or an enrollment conversation is:

If you could create the future any way you want it, what would the next year look like? 

A good question to use in a networking meeting or an enrollment conversation is- If you could create the future any way you want it, what would the next year look like-

WOW, is that a powerful question!  I’m not asking the client what their vision of the future is, I’m asking them…”If you could create the future any way you want it, what would the next year of your business or life look like?


I’ve asked the vision question for years..such as, “What’s your vision?” and to take it one step further, try this question out:

“If you could create the future any way you want it, what would the next year of your business or life look like?”


When I begin to think about creating the future any way I want, I immediately remove my limitations of…I can’t do this because of this, I can’t do that because of that…… all these concerns start to fall away.

This is how you PERSUADE someone to own their own vision, FIRST by creating it.

Persuasion Technique # 2: Make Someones # 1 Goal Your Primary Enrollment Technique

Have you ever tried to enroll a client in your product or program?

Clients don’t enroll in products or programs, they enroll in their WANTS and DESIRES.

Clients don’t enroll in products or programs, they enroll in their WANTS and DESIRES.

A vision paints a picture for a person, BUT a person’s # 1 GOAL is the concrete that cements the picture into reality.  To most people, their vision isn’t attainable unless it has some concrete steps and targets.

If you are out at a networking meeting or you are in an enrollment conversation, here’s a question to ask:

“What’s the most important focus for you this year?”


“What would you like to see happen at the end of the year with that?”

The person who asks, “What’s your most important GOAL at a networking event is usually the person that people feel uncomfortable with. WHY? Because most people don’t like GOALS.  They feel pressured and stressed and put on the spot, because most people don’t even set Goals and the goals they set they don’t even stick to!

Why don’t people set goals or stick to them?

Because they don’t have a clear vision of their future. And if someone doesn’t have a vision of the future, then they will never have a meaningful goal.

Vision example: I want to influence mankind with positive messages, stories, and tools by bringing together the two most influential creators on the planet, celebrities and experts.

Goal Example: In the next 12 months I’m going to create a group of 10 A-List Celebrities who want to impact humanity with their life story, message, and life lessons.  Why? I want to have high powered relationships that collaborate to get our visions and goals realized in the world.

Notice how my goal is tangible and specific.  If you were trying to enroll me, this would hit my hot buttons, because the goal would be actionable and tangible right now, if you could help me do this.  It is one of my top 3 goals.

If you were to figure out my top 3 goals and show me how to execute this, then I would be easy to enroll.

The challenge is that most persuasion is geared towards controlling people rather than freeing them based on the power of their own choice and vision.

Which leads me to….

Persuasion Technique # 3: Allow Free Choice and Free Will To Lead The Enrollment

If you allow an individual to imagine what they want and then have them tell you their most important goal, then they would have clarity to make their own choices which would be aligned with what they want because you asked questions that got them clear on what they want.

But what if an individual never gets clear on what they want?

Well, they would never be able to choose the next step.  You would always have to tell them what to do and sooner or later that’s a path to complete failure.

If I never originate what I want, and what I do and think I want is always someone else’s origination, then the more powerful/controlling person will always control the weaker person.

Someone isn’t weak because they don’t know what they want.  Someone is weak if they don’t take the time to figure out what they want.

Your ability to ask questions and facilitate the vision, goals, and choice of another being could be the greatest good ever done on the planet.

Unclear people become weak in the world and I believe that they become the effect of other people. Some effects are good but when a person is being controlled by another, this is the failure of your program before someone even starts and I believe this is also the failure of the planet.

Choice is one of the greatest abilities a human being has – our ability to discern whats right for us and make those decisions.

However, without the persuasion of the good guys like you and me – and when I say persuasion, I mean persuasion through questioning and the power of one’s own choice – without the persuasion facilitated by you and me, our clients will never know what they want. They will be under the control of people and forces not in their best interest, and the day we lose this is the day we die while we are still living.

Your ability to ask questions and facilitate the vision, goals, and choice of another being could be the greatest good ever done on the planet.  For without choice, one can never fully be free.  And without freedom, why would one ever enroll in your programs?

Now is your time to being freedom to the world. It’s what MLK, GHANDI, and MOTHER TERESA preached in their own words.  Now is the time to let your clients preach and let them be heard.

The new celebrity in the world today is the client that has the opportunity to imagine, create, and act.

What are you going to do about it?  The future and integrity of sales depends on it.

Persuasion Technique # 4: Personal Social Credibility Trumps Income, Strategic Alliances, and Recognition

Social Credibility has been misused in the world. So many people are using the names of others, telling lies, being untruthful and just flat out mis-representing.

I believe that using the right social credibility is hugely impactful.

How about starting with vulnerability?  Have you ever tried to be vulnerable with your client at a networking meeting or in an enrollment conversation?

How about starting with vulnerability- Have you ever tried to be vulnerable with your client at a networking meeting or in an enrollment conversation-

For example, by telling them about your life story in a way that is real, shows your vulnerabilities and lets them know that you are human.

I’m not talking about downplaying your greatness or your gifts or shrinking because you feel like the giant in the company of others…I’m talking about sharing yourself with others, sharing things from your life.

I share my past addiction to drugs and alcohol with people, my feelings of unworthiness and being unlovable, and on the flip side of that I share my dreams, my visions and my aspirations.

I believe the best social credibility comes from your life story and your feelings PLUS your greatness and your dreams. Combined, I believe it creates a healthy balance of likeability, comfortability, and possibility.

When we share ourselves with others they are drawn to share themselves with us. Even the bystander who sits there and judges and doesn’t share right away, deep down has the deepest desire to share but feels unsafe.  Make people feel safe and they will open themselves to you. This is called relationship. People invest in people and relationships.

People will pay more to a person they trust and know then to a smooth-talking person who screams from his lungs how successful he is all the time.

Once you share yourself with another, then you can talk about the great people you are connected to, your monetary success (if that’s a part of your product), or even the things you have gotten recognition for.  You go from bragging if you LEAD with this, to power if you end with this, after you have shared yourself.

Feel free to talk about your results as much as you want after you have shared yourself fully with another.

Guess what…if you share yourself fully, then when it comes down to the money and you asking for the check, your client will share fully about their finances and where they are.  Does this make sense?

Which leads me to…

Persuasion Technique # 5: Price Transparency

“I’m going to be totally transparent with you on Price – The Value of this program is $4997, and today you will get special pricing.”

I’ve begin to switch my selling and marketing from: “Let me tell you what the retail price is and let me tell you what special pricing is today.”

While there is truth to what the retail price would be, I find it easier to tell someone what the value of a program is instead of the retail pricing.

I find it easier to tell someone what the value of a program is instead of the retail pricing.

For example, I was on a stage the other day and I said to the audience: “I’m going to be totally transparent with you…. The value of this program is worth a minimum of $4997 to any person in this room, and to some of you its worth more. If you just implemented Step 1 and got one or two clients, for most of you it would be a minimum of $4,997 in value.  That’s just step # 1.

But since this is the first time you are meeting me, I’m going to give you very special pricing today, which is $3997 or $2997 or $1997 (whatever my program is priced at)…..”

So when I tell them this, I am telling my truth. I believe my program is worth a minimum of x so it should be priced at x, but because we are connecting today for the first time, I’m going to give you special pricing today with special bonuses today to enter my community.  And I do give them special pricing, because what makes it special is that it’s less than the true value of the program, and what makes the bonuses special is that they are FREE.  They get the bonuses for free when they enroll.

This really works for me because I can stand behind my offer powerfully and feel very transparent with my client.

This whole pricing thing is tough to navigate some times.

And there’s times where I will give even more special offers to certain groups or to first time action takers to inspire them to take action now or be the first to join a program, and that’s a good thing because we want the early adopters to be rewarded and we want people to take action.

This is how I feel more and more aligned with my marketing and pricing. It’s never a perfect system because we are always learning, but we can do our best to establish value and pricing in a way where everyone wins.  Make sense?

I hope this serves you and inspires you to be a better sales person, inspiration, and enroller. Because all sales and persuasion is, is inspiring people to take action on their vision and dreams and not yours.

Pretty awesome, YEAH?

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