Most people think you need to have an email list or some kind of online marketing to grow your community and enrol people in your live events. The truth is, you DON’T.

You can expand your community through offline marketing – talking to people!

These are the exact steps of how I grew a community that took my business to ¾ of a million dollars without online marketing.


#1: Go to local events and meetups

When I moved to California to start my business, I knew one person.

To expand my network, I would go to local meetup groups. I searched online to find the types of groups I wanted to be part of (where I knew my ideal clients would be and where I could have an opportunity to speak to the group).

Go to a couple of events every week and meet 4-5 people each time. You’ll be expanding your sphere of influence and sharing your message and communicating with people in groups (great preparation for speaking to a group at your own live events later on).


#2: Go to paid seminars

My recommendation is for you to start attending paid events. People who are serious about investing in themselves and who enjoy live events are already attending other people’s live events.

Not everyone at every live event will be the best fit for you, but they will be serious about going all in on their business and growth. They’re already investing their money, time and energy.

Have purposeful conversations, invite the people you meet to a free strategy session or conversation with you where you can figure out if they are a potential client or strategic partner.


#3: Ask for introductions

Who within your community is a Connector?

These are the people you want to develop deeper relationships with and figure out ways for you to mutually support each other in growing your communities and your businesses.

Ask the Connectors you know to introduce you to five other people they know who would be a great fit for your live event. Your network will expand rapidly.

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