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In today’s video I’m going to talk to you about my biggest failure on the way to success.

My biggest failure on the way to success was thinking that I didn’t control failure.

Thinking that failure was something that just happens to people and you have to accept failure.

Along the way to success we’re going to run into challenges, we’re going to run into problems, things that come up. You fail when you don’t persevere. You fail when you quit.

I’ve had moments in my life where I thought I had to have my back against the wall to give myself permission to succeed. I thought I had to put myself in a tough position to then pull out my abilities go succeed.

However, I don’t think situations and circumstances need to be dire before one rises to the occasion or gives them an excuse to rise to the occasion.

That was the failure for me, waiting too long to give myself permission to succeed.

Waiting for external circumstances to say, “Oh my God, you’re in serious shit right now Ted, you need to do something to succeed.” And all of a sudden I’d pull out this ability that was always there, and I just ripped through and I produced these enormous results.

Then that project would be over and I’d go back to the same pattern of waiting until I had my back against the wall and then I’d pull out this ability again.

To me that isn’t success. Success to me is consistent. It’s knowing I can create whatever I want right now, whenever I want it, and going after it without backing off it.

See for me, I was backing off things so much. Backing off isn’t failure, it’s just a temporary lag in your goals, right?

If you’re lagging, if you’re backing off, it’s okay. You haven’t failed. You fail when you quit.

One of the greatest successes we can have is following and persevering after the thing that we love to do, and just going for it.

What I’ve learned now along that journey is now I don’t need to wait. I don’t need to wait for permission, I don’t need to wait ’till my back’s against the wall. I can take that ability that’s inside of me all the time, and I can call upon it now to create results now, and I can get ahead of the game rather than feeling like I’m playing catch-up.

When success has felt like a struggle to me in the past, it’s been when I feel like I’ve played catch-up. I lost momentum and backed off making it happen.

But why wait?

Wherever you’re at, if you’re backing off a little bit on your dreams, go after it, re-engage. Re-engage, it happens. Re-engage and know that you can pursue it and go after the thing that you want. Make it happen.

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