Every week I’m going to be sharing with you a message about the new celebrity.

I believe that the new celebrity in the world is you. You have a life story to tell, you have life lessons to teach and you have a message to share with humanity so you can make a positive impact in the world.

This week is all about getting inside the head of the coach, the speaker, the expert, the entrepreneur; somebody like you and somebody like me.

I always get the question what really inspired me to become a coach and a speaker?

I believe each one of us has this knowing inside of us and sometimes there’s a period when it takes a little bit of time for this knowing to birth itself and for somebody to get into action and do it.

I know when I was 21 years old and in my first coaching program with a guy named Dan Sullivan, he was talking about how he wanted to transform more lives and make a greater impact in the world than anybody who’s ever lived, and I remember that statement really having an impact on me.

I thought wow – what kind of impact could I have in my life?

So Dan was a real inspiration for me to realise, I want to do something and have a bigger impact than just business. I think that was the birth of me wanting to be a coach, wanting to be a speaker, wanting to make a difference in the world…but I didn’t understand the business model, I didn’t know how I was going to make money doing it, and at the time I was in the insurance business – I was just selling insurance. And I was fortunate, in my first year I made 6 figures in income…but that never fulfilled me.

The night I made 6 figures, I went out and I overdosed from a bag of cocaine, a couple of pills of ecstasy and 15 drinks of alcohol.

I was on a search in my 20s to make money, and I thought that was going to be the answer to my life. It really wasn’t.

I think in my knowing, I always knew there was something more, I just didn’t know how to go do it.
So for me, being a coach and a speaker, what inspired me was initially personal pain.

What could I find that was going to be more meaningful and more fulfilling to me?

I knew helping people was the answer, but I didn’t know which way to do that. It was only years later that I started to see that coaching and speaking was a business because I started to get some experience in my current career, in the insurance business, speaking in front of groups. So I knew that being a speaker, teaching people felt good – but I didn’t know it could be a real business.

I teach people how to take their life story and message and turn it into a business, but I don’t think everybody has to do that. I think that if each one of us takes a step to share out story, to share the message inside of us, I think we become more and more authentic, more and more ourselves when we share our truth.

So maybe just starting by sharing your truth and sharing your story with people could inspire another person.

I think that’s how we make the world a better place.

For me, it just came from that place of wanting to be fulfilled and wanting to inspire people first, and then I said, wow I could actually build a real career doing this and I went out and started doing it. But it took me ten years from that moment at 21 years old to get out and start making it a career.

So wherever you are, just don’t wait to share your story and your message because you have something really powerful and inspiring inside you.

Are you called to share your message with the world and create transformation in peoples lives?

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